Our Services

Perfect Binding

The characteristics of our perfect binding are printable spines, strength in the bind and a clean, elegant look.

Folding Binding

Folding, Scoring, Perforating

We have various folders and the capability to provide a wide range of services. From map folding, to signature folding, soft folding, accordion folding, roll folding, glue folding, gate folding, double gate folding, double double gate folding, Japanese folding, French folding, miniature folding, to remoistenable gluing inline on folders and much more (be creative) we have the capability to provide services ranging from the simple to the complex. Additionally we have been able to create custom solutions specific to our clients’ needs in direct mail and commercial printing applications


Millennium Bindery  Services offers a variety of stitching services (Saddle, Loop, Side and Corner stitching) and has a variety of equipment to meet your needs:

Glue Folding

At Millennium Bindery Services process  folding equipment, we have the ability to apply hot melt remoist glue; perforate; apply cold glue (used to ‘permanently seal’); slit; and/or fold, and even tip-on another piece using fugitive glue at the same time.

Fugitive Glue Typing

The advantages of this process is that it  will glue end sheets, cards, fly-leaves to sheets and will insert into folded sheets.

Collating Padding

At Millennium Bindery Inc.custom handwork includes assembly, inserting, taping, gluing, packing, sealing, collating, fixing, and other specialty work.

Data Processing

At Millennium Bindery Inc.we can customizedand apply detial data on to any of the following mail,magazines etc and other specialty work.


The most important operation responsible for the quality of your project is cutting. Millennium Bindery has more than one cutters in various sizes. Two cutters have joggers to pin to your side guide, insuring our cuts are square to your printing. One cutter has an unloader for high volume production as well as a scale for accurate counts when padding or shrink wrapping in specific quantities.
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